SUNLAB winter thesis defences

Congratulations to Laurier Baribeau, Robert Pollak and Mikhak Samadi who defended their theses earlier this year! They received their diplomas this week at the spring convocation. You can now find their theses on

Laurier Baribeau, MASc Electrical Engineering, Design of multi-junction solar cells incorporating silicon-germanium-tin alloys with finite-element analysis and drift-diffusion model, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-27436

Robert Pollak, MASc Electrical Engineering, Realizing the energy transition with distributed photovoltaics: A study of high PV penetration grid-edge network dynamics, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-27713

Mikhak Samadi, PhD Electrical Engineering, Data-driven demand management for smart grid, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-27782