SUNLAB summer thesis defences

Many SUNLAB students were busy writing their theses this spring and defending them this summer. Congratulations to Rachel Belcher, Warren Gies, Mandy Lewis, Kevin Shimotakahara and Viktar Tatsiankou! These students will receive their diplomas at the fall convocation. You can now find their theses on

Rachel Belcher, Fuzzy logic based module-level power electronics for mitigation of rapid cloud shading in photovoltaic systems, MASc Electrical Engineering thesis, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-25425

Warren Gies, Conditions for maximum operating efficiency of a multi-junction solar cell and a proton exchange membrane electrolyser system for hydrogen production, MSc Physics thesis, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-25209

Mandy Lewis, Performance of silicon heterojunction cells and modules in Arctic applications: Impact of angle of incidence, air mass, and spectra on energy yield, MASc Electrical Engineering thesis, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-25388

Viktar Tatsiankou, Design principles and field performance of software-augmented solar sensors for resolving spectral irradiance and atmospheric parameters, PhD Electrical Engineering thesis, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-25005

Kevin Shimotakahara, Device to device communications for smart grid, MASc Electrical Engineering thesis, DOI: 10.20381/ruor-24884