SUNLAB students awarded scholarships

Congratulations to SUNLAB students Nick Anderson, Nicholas Dallaire and Victoria Jancowski on receiving prestigious scholarships to support their research.

MASc electrical engineering candidate Nick Anderson has been awarded a Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s program. This scholarship is meant to develop trainee research skills by “supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies.”

MSc physics candidate Nicholas Dallaire has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship. This merit-based scholarship is available to graduate students in all disciplines of academic study. The Ontario Graduate Scholarships program is jointly funded by the Province of Ontario and Ontario universities.

BASc electrical engineering candidate Victoria Jancowski is spending the summer at the SUNLAB performing research on spectroradiometric standards for bifacial photovoltaic solar power. She has been awarded a CSA Group Undergraduate Research Scholarship, which aims to support undergraduate students in the pursuit of novel research related to standards, and a Faculty of Engineering Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Award, which is intended to encourage students to pursue graduate studies in engineering or computer science.

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