SUNLAB awarded funding for a collaborative project with the National Research Council

Congratulations to SUNLAB director Dr. Karin Hinzer (principal investigator) and Dr. Trevor Hall (co-principal investigator) on being awarded $299,970 in funding to collaborate with the National Research Council on a project as part of the High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge Program.

Their research project on terabit optical networks based on quantum dot lasers and photonic integration (TERAQD) will expand the laser bandwidth of the National Research Council’s mode-locked InP based quantum dot lasers, enabling a larger number of optical data channels to be multiplexed. TERAQD will also leverage the unique properties of quantum dots to enable stable and efficient operation over a range of 0 to 100°C.

These innovations have the potential to dramatically improve transmission of data and communications with remote regions across Canada while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from data traffic.