Earlier this month, SUNLAB students and researchers attended the 49th IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference in Philadelphia, PA. Postdoctoral fellows Meghan Beattie and Mathieu de Lafontaine, PhD physics candidates Erin Tonita and Gavin Forcade, PhD electrical engineering candidates Mandy Lewis and Annie Russell, MASc electrical engineering candidate Nick Anderson and our friend from the Krich Lab PhD physics candidate Daisy Xia presented results on a wide range of topics including bifacial photovoltaic system performance and modeling, near-field thermophotovoltaics, solar irradiance temporal variability, photonic power converters and multijunction photovoltaics. For a full list of SUNLAB presentations, see our Conference Presentations page.

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The IEEE Photovoltaics Specialists Conference is the longest-running technical gathering for the photovoltaics industry. This year, it was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from June 5 to 10. It marked the return to in-person conferences for SUNLAB members.

Front row: Daisy Xia, Martha Lenio (High Latitude Energy Consulting), Karin Hinzer, Annie Russell, Mathieu de Lafontaine and Nick Anderson.
Back row: Erin Tonita, Mandy Lewis, Jacob Krich, Gavin Forcade and Meghan Beattie.

Certificate for Mandy Lewis’s Best Student Paper Award.