SUNLAB at Photonics North

SUNLAB students presented results at last week’s Photonics North conference in Québec City. PhD physics candidate Meghan Beattie, MASc electrical engineering candidate Annie Russell and MSc physics candidates Gavin Forcade and Erin Tonita gave oral or poster presentations on topics including bifacial solar cells, concentrator photovoltaic systems, energy yield modeling and photonic power conversion. Former SUNLAB member Dr. Ross Cheriton, now at the National Research Council, and uOttawa PhD candidate Kaustubh Vyas also presented a poster including research conducted at the SUNLAB.

Top row: Kaustubh Vyas, Annie Russell, Meghan Beattie, Erin Tonita and Gavin Forcade
Bottom row: Ross Cheriton and Karin Hinzer