The SUNLAB specializes in 5 key areas related to solar energy, optoelectronics, and photonics. These areas include the following:

  1. Photovoltaic Devices:
  • Ultra-high efficiencies: multi-junction solar cells
  • Novel concepts: materials, nanostructures, wavelength conversion
  • Photonic power: power-over-fiber, power opto-couplers
  1. Photovoltaic Systems:
  • Solar concentrator systems: optical design and analysis
  • Outdoor testing: performance monitoring under real-world conditions
  • Annual energy yield modeling: concentrator and bifacial photovoltaic systems
  1. Solar Resource:
  • Modeling comparisons of satellite to ground measurements
  • Modeling irradiance from limited information (ex. GHI → DNI)
  • Modeling spectra from irradiance measurements
  1. Smart Adaptive Grid Edge:
  • Smart photovoltaic nanogrids with intelligent control systems
  • Battery integration and load management
  • Smart sensors for the Internet of Things
  1. Light Emitting Sources:
  • Semiconductor lasers (InP, GaAs)
  • Semiconductor optical amplifiers
  • Telecommunications subsystem performance