Recent graduations from SUNLAB

The SUNLAB sends congratulations Ross Cheriton for the successful thesis defense and completion of his postgraduate studies:

Ross Cheriton, Ph.D., Phys., “Design and Characterization of InGaN/GaN Dot-in-Nanowire Heterostructures for High Efficiency Solar Cells”, July 2018


This follows three other PhD students who successful defended their theses and completed their postgraduate studies in 2017:

Matthew Wilkins, Ph.D., Elec. Eng., “Multi-Junction Solar Cells and Photovoltaic Power Converters: High-Efficiency Designs and Effects of Luminescent Coupling”, May 2017

Pratibha Sharma, Ph.D., Elec. Eng., “Modeling, Optimization, and Characterization of High Concentration Photovoltaic Systems Using Multijunction Solar Cells”, March 2017

Mark Yandt, Ph.D., Elec. Eng., “Characterization Techniques and Optimization Principles for Multi-Junction Solar Cells and Maximum Long Term Performance of CPV Systems”, February 2017