Technical Reports

What are multi-junction solar cells? How do they work? What types of systems use them? Read our white paper for an overview.
High-efficiency multi-junction solar cells: Current status and future potential


What are directions for III-V multi-junction solar cell development? You can find a summary in this white paper:
Current directions for III-V multi-junction solar cell development


How are solar cells tested? What types of monitoring and analysis are used for solar power systems? Read our white paper for an overview.Testing the technology: Necessary capabilities for measuring PV performance


How do PV systems perform in Ottawa? Are they affected by snow? How do we optimize system orientation for non-FIT revenues? The following two reports were completed in collaboration with Hydro Ottawa Limited:
Report 1 – Energy Yield Analysis of Installed Systems
Report 2 – Matching of PV to Grid Pricing and Grid Peaks


A new analysys of the parameters of a flat panel PV energy yield calculation installed in Ottawa, with a goal to generate the highest return of investment through maximizing the total amount of sunshine on the panel.
A New Angle on Energy Optimization of a microFIT PV System


Bandgap versus lattice constant of all common semiconductors. Created by Ross Cheriton.