New Publication from the SUNLAB: Optics Express

In a new paper published in Optics Express earlier this month, lead author PhD candidate Neda Nouri and a team of SUNLAB researchers applied numerical simulations to design and optimize single junction ultra-thin InAlGaAs photonic power converters (PPCs) for operation at the telecommunications wavelength of 1310 nm, incorporating light trapping via integrated back reflectors (BRs) of three types: planar, cubic nano-textured, and pyramidal nano-textured. Compared to conventional thick PPCs on a substrate, modelled ultra-thin PPCs with back reflectors demonstrate up to 12% larger Voc and 10% (relative) larger power conversion efficiency. Of the studied BR designs, pyramidal BRs exhibit the highest performance, reaching an efficiency of 43.2%, while also attaining >8-fold reduction in absorber thickness.

The methodology and results in this paper can inform designs of other wavelength ranges, system configurations, and optical device types for other light-absorbing applications.

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N. Nouri, C. E. Valdivia, M. N. Beattie, J. J. Krich, and K. HinzerLight management in ultra-thin photonic power converters for 1310 nm laser illumination, Optics Express 30 (13) (2022). DOI: 10.1364/OE.459680