New Publication from the SUNLAB: Applied Physics Letters

In a new paper published in Applied Physics Letters, recent SUNLAB graduate Ras-Jeevan Obhi, MASc, and a collaborative team between SUNLAB and National Research Council Canada researchers, have studied how quantum dash morphology and composition can be used to tune the emission wavelength of semiconductor quantum dash lasers. This analysis of nanoparticle arrays using atomic force microscopy and simulations of single quantum dashes provides valuable information for future designs of quantum dash lasers emitting at 1550 nm for next generation optical networks. This work is part of the TERAQD project, which is funded by the High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge Program from National Research Council Canada.  

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R.-J. K. Obhi, S. W. Schaefer, C. E. Valdivia, J. R. Liu, Z. G. Lu, P. J. Poole, and K. Hinzer, Indium arsenide single quantum dash morphology and composition for wavelength tuning in quantum dash lasers, Appl. Phys. Lett. 122(051104) (2023).  DOI: 10.1063/5.0133657